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Whether you are a collector, a restaurateur, a small retail shop or a large manufacturer we think you will find the right display products to best present your products or to visually organize your merchandise.

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Visit the Display Products shop online at Heritage Products for a comprehensive selection of Doll Stands, Trophy Cases, Acid Free Boards and Bags, Acrylic Box Cases, Acrylic Risers, Acrylic Steps, Aluminum Cases,  Beanie Baby Cases, Bin Units, Bowl Stands, Brochure Holders, Butter Chip Displayers, Calipers, Card Displayers, Civil War Display Cases, Coin Display Cases, Countertop Display Cases, Cup & Saucer Stands, Demi Tasse Stands, Doll Cases, Doll Stands, Easels, Egg Mounts, Flag Cases, Flag-Case-and-Shadow-Box Combination Displays, Glass Domes, Golf Ball mounts, Jewelry exhibits, Light Bases, Magnifiers, Medal Display Cases, Military Display Cases, Military Challenge Coin Dislays, Mirrors, Oak Cases, Ornament Hangers, Paper Weight Displayers, Plate Displays, Platform Displayers, Platter Hangers and Stands, Pocket Watch Domes, Post Card Sleeves, Riker Displays, Riker Mounts, Security Cases, Shadow Boxes, Showcases, Slatwall and Peg Fixtures, Sphere mounts, Tags and Labels, Tools and Supplies, Turntables, Utility Stands, and Wooden Bases.

We sell the largest selection of display products available for collectors and merchants. Heritage Products is your full-service, one-stop shop for ways to elegantly and prominently display anything

Large Locking Glass-Top Aluminum ShowcaseAluminum Display Cases

Aluminum display cases and showcases are available in a variety of sizes. Use an aluminum locking glass-top table case to securely display your products at tradeshows, flea markets, antique centers, your shop and more.

Glass Display Domes

Choose from a wide selection of styles and sizes with our glass domes. The largest glass domes are imported from Bavaria while many of the smaller display domes are made in the USA. The larger domes are ideal for dolls, wedding memorabilia and numerous other collectables.Glass Display DomesThe glass dome display bases are available in polished brass, antique brushed brass, pewter, oak and walnut finish. Our most popular domes are pocket watch domes and ornament domes with a hook at the top of the glass for hanging the watch or ornament. However, one model uses the Shepard hook which fits into the wood base. We have domes with inserts that hold thimbles or marbles and a dome with 3 acrylic platforms to display smaller items. Many of the mid size domes work well for figurines and dolls.

Try to leave 3/4" to 1" around your item in the dome to keep your item from looking crowded. Dome measurements are the inside dimensions. Take a look and find one that's right for your collectable. All domes are now on sale.

Riker Mounts

Riker Mount boxes with glass lids show your inventory without distortion. Riker mounts, Riker Mount Display Casesalso known as butterfly boxes, are an effective and economical means of displaying and mounting butterflies, insects, arrowheads, gems, minerals, and other small collectibles.

Riker mounts are ideal display case for pins, medals, badges, buttons, jewelry, awards, coins, cards, pens, and military items.

Flag Cases

Memorial Flag Cases in Cherry Finish We have recently added several new heirloom-quality flag cases made of walnut, cherry and oak. We have a large selection of glass front triangular hardwood frame flag cases. In addition, we have flag case accessories including pedestals, bases with an urn, military medallions, engraving plates, American flags, and flag case shadow box display case accessories for medals, badges, ribbons, certificates and more. Flag cases can be used alone, supported by a pedestal base or mounted on a wall. Our heirloom-quality flag cases are made in America in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Military Challenge Coin Display Cases

11 Row Military Coin RackTraditionally, challenge coins bearing an organization's insignia are awarded to and carried by the organization's members. They enable members to prove membership when challenged. The "rules" indicate that challenge coins may not be defaced in any way, such as drilling a hole to attach a chain or keyring. Therefore, to provide a safe-keeping place for your treasured coins, we offer a variety of Coin Display Cases in Cherry or Oak finishes with a black-on-brass engraving plate.

In addition, we offer a large selection of Military Display Cases for proudly displaying your medals, pins, ribbons, dog tags, photos, awards, insignia, commendations, badges, decorations, flags, certificates and other special memorabilia.

Shadow Boxes

Collect, protect, store and display your collectibles. Shadow boxes, shadow box frames, flag cases and shot glass displays are just a few of the many types of shadow boxes we sell.Shadow Box T-6461C To see all the shadow box styles currently available, go to our Shadow Box category.

Shown is item T-6461C. This solid pine wood showcase has a hinged door and is a combination display case and shadow box. The black background is Velcro. You simply cut a small piece of the sticky back Velcro strip supplied and attach to the items you want to display. You can arrange and rearrange with ease and without the use of glue or pins. Ideal for pins, badges, medals awards, military, scouting, sports and baby items. Inside depth is 1 1/2" . This solid pine wood showcase has a glass hinged door and is suitable for hanging.

Engravable Plates -- Free Engraving

Custom Engraved Brass Plates - Free EngravingUse a custom-engraved brass plate on a display case, shadow box or flag case. Brass plates are available in two styles: solid brass or black-on-brass. Specify up to 4 lines of engraving text and up to 38 characters per line. ENGRAVING IS FREE! The engraved plates are easy to attach. Just peel the sticky-back strip and press into place. For more details, see the Engraving Plates topic.

The following items come with a black-on-brass engraving plate and FREE ENGRAVING: Heritage Flag Cases, Presidential Flag Cases, Flag Case Pedestals/Urns and Memorial Pedestal Urns.

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